IMG_0766I have taught girl scout troops, community center classes,  at  the library, knitting events, after school, and in yarn shops. (BTW as a previous yarn shop owner, I am very willing to work classes around the materials that are in your store). I like working with adults and children.  I do classes and workshops.  Arrangements can be made for me to come to your knitting group for as many times as we agree upon.  Please email me at melissa(@)….. remove the quotes around the @ when you are sending me the email to discuss time place and pricing.  Sorry for the annoyance, but I am trying to prevent junk in my mailbox.

A class would be where we arrange to meet at a specific time and duration for a specified  number of times.  A workshop would be a one day longer event.  Some things should be taught in small doses on a regular basis and some things lend themselves for more time in a one shot scenario.  I am flexible and I always have handouts, a lesson plan and I walk around and really see how my students are knitting.  Although I am a “throw” American knitter myself, I am comfortable with working with other knitting styles. I am not the knitting police and will explain how things work so it can be done with your style.  So if you are a continental, combination, etc knitter, it will not be a problem.

I can prepare a lesson plan for your group or you can choose from  the following suggested classes.  If it is not on the list, I can prepare a class but I will need enough warning so I can develop my materials:

Beginning knitting (adults or children)
Knitted fabric…how do you get the different types of fabric (great for knitting clubs)
Tinking and Fixing mistakes
Increases/decreases  How to do them and when to use which ones
Basics of short rows and how to use them.
Basic Lace  (includes cast on/off updates)
Basic Top down Socks
Knitting in the round – Double points, circular needles (one circ, 2 circs)
Basic Cable knitting
Most classes include how to “read” your knitting but I can just do a class on this.
Most classes include improving your cast on/off but I can just do a class on the various ones and when to use them.
Yarn choices/gauge/yarn substitution