schoolhouse knitting camp

Now is the time to register for the schoolhouse press knitting camp.

From  the schoolhouse press website: 2013 marks the 40th year of Knitting Camp! Knitting Camp came into being when Elizabeth Zimmermann began teaching a weekend knitting course at an extension of the University of Wisconsin. Elizabeth Zimmermann passed the torch to her daughter, knitting designer Meg Swansen, and Schoolhouse Press now offers four sessions Thursday through Monday during four weekends in July.

Schoolhouse Press has a newsletter that comes our periodically.  You can see the current 2012/2013 winter issue here.   Or you can sign up and the newsletter will be delivered to your email whenever it is ready.

The old newsletters are archived so sit down and enjoy a good read by going through the archives.

New issue of Knitty is out

The new issue of magazine for spring/summer 2013 is out.  I love the write up that leads into the 1870  child sock.  If you are new to knitty, of course check out the current issue, but you will also want to check out the pattern archives.   You can search through the knitty archives or you can use ravelry and use the power of ravelry’s search to find the pattern you want.  (It is free to  create a user account)
Both of these sites are free and wonderful resources to knitters and crocheters.